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Sell vintage stuff for quick emergency money such as clothing, sports memorabilia, furniture, books and indian artifacts to antique pawn shops near you.

Is it possible to buy jewelry at a pawn store?

Pawn shops have gained this stereotypical image of containing useless junks and judgemental people. Believe it or not, a local pawn is not at all similar to what you see in the movies. Pawn shops are state regulated and usually are the savior of the troubles when there is a financial crisis involved. They are the best places to save money, or to get a quick access to some cash. Although it may look like pawn owners buy anything, in most of the cases, pawn brokers are really picky in what they purchase or use as collateral. Hence, the jewelery which you buy at most pawn stores is usually a pretty good deal. Pawn shop jewelry prices are usually half of what you pay for at the retail. Yes, HALF OF THE RETAIL. On top of that, most of the times the jewelry is in a really good condition. One of the reasons behind some people not purchasing the jewelry from a pawn shop is that the jewelry is used.

What are the kind of interest rates you would expect to see at a pawn shop?

There are moments when people face financial crisis that is unforseen, and at those moments a pawn shop is the best bet to save the situation. By using a valuable item as collateral, a customer can get a decent amount of loan from the local pawn store. The interest rate for such loans are usually regulated, and as some states regulate the rates too high, it is pretty usual to find pawn shops fighting to get customers by reducing their interest rates. When a customer has to pay the same amount of loan, but is charged a lower interest rate, it becomes fairly easy for the customer to get their merchandise back. Therefore, the customer ends up getting a "better deal" and the pawn shop receives a customer in the end.


There is a catch in all of this though. Some states allow pawn shops to charge ‘storage’ or ‘filing’ fees.That’s something you will want to be aware of and look out for when calling around. Be sure you ask about ‘any other fees’ that may apply. For example, a pawn shop could charge a 5% interest rate, but on top of that, would charge a 20% percent per month service charge. This is allowed by some states. Hence, at the end, it would turn out to be a 25% interest rate per month. Whereas, there are some places where a pawn store would just charge a flat $10 service charge.

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