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Forevermark Center of My Universe Diamond Halo Earrings 1 1/5ctw


Wichita Falls, TX 76301


From the Forevermark Center of My Universe Collection, these 18k white gold earrings each feature a halo design composed of a round Forevermark diamond surrounded by pav diamonds. Diamonds are 1/5ctw. The Forevermark diamonds are 1ctw. Please call 844--40 for additional diamond information.The Forevermark Center of My Universe collection is feminine and anchored in strength and brilliance, and features a Forevermark diamond surrounded by a pav diamond setting. The central Forevermark diamond represents the beautiful, unique woman he loves who is the central force in his life. She holds together and keeps in motion the many aspects of the universe they share, symbolized by the halo diamond setting.Forevermark is a diamond brand from the DeBeers group of companies with a promise of quality and integrity.The Forevermark Promise:
  • Beautiful: Forevermark diamonds are genuine, untreated and natural.
  • Rare: Less than 1% of diamonds qualify to be a Forevermark diamond.
  • Responsibly sourced: Each Forevermark diamond has met high standards of business, social and environmental integrity at every step of its journey.
  • The inscription: Each Forevermark diamond has the Forevermark icon and a unique identification number on the table of the diamond visible only under a Forevermark viewer.
To compliment the Forevermark promise that each of these diamonds is special, a Forevermark Diamond Grading Report is included with each individual Forevermark diamond.
Diamond carat weight information
Metal: 18k White Gold
Total Diamond Weight: 1 1/5 ctw
Stone Type: Diamond
Stone Shape: Round
Stone Size: 1/2 ct
Quantity: 2
Stone Type: Diamond
Stone Shape: Round
Quantity: 48
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