Seller Name: FRANCES C
Lifetime Jewelry Cuban Link Bracelet 11MM, Round, 24K Gold Overlay Premium Fashion Jewelry 8 - 10 Inches


Winfield, IL 60190


  • WHILE OTHER GOLD PLATED BRACELETS are cheap, feel like plastic and fake looking, our bracelets are made so much better. More layers of gold, skilled platers, and special care make this look stunningly like the real deal. Why settle for something that tarnishes quickly, breaks after a few uses, or looks like it came out of a gum ball machine?
  • YES, YOU CAN BUY AN EXPENSIVE SOLID GOLD BRACELET, but thatÇÖs an investment. It's also not likely you would wear your expensive jewelry just anywhere. ItÇÖs risky and could be life threatening. You can wear this anywhere. WhatÇÖs the point of owning a solid gold bracelet if you canÇÖt wear it?
  • UNCONDITIONAL FREE LIFETIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTY! You not only save money for more important things in your life, but you can wear this jewelry anytime anywhere. Eliminate the uncomfortable feeling that you may be robbed or lose it. Replacing it is easy. Should some defect occur, weÇÖll replace it for FREE FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!
  • SPECIAL CONSIDERATION FOR SIZES. We offer this 11mm Cuban Link Bracelet in 8, 9, and 10 to accommodate hands of all sizes.
  • OUR MISSION IS TO HELP YOU LOOK YOUR BEST with the finest fashion jewelry in the world. We match that with unparalleled customer service and you have something unbeatable. We believe in enjoying life, having fun, and pursuing our dreams. LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH!

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